Laser Engraver for sale

A friend of mine has the following for sale.  This is good quality equipment and he takes care of his equipment.  He has about $15,000 wrapped up in it.  This has everything you need to engrave flat and cylindrical objects.  He is asking for considerably less.  I have pictures of the equipment, just don't know how to uplaod to the sight.  This still on the original laser and comes with a spare.40 Watt Co2 Laser engraver with 12" x 16" engraveable area-Spare 40 Watt Co2 Laser Tube-17" Dell Inspiron Laptop-Rotary attachment (for engraving round objects)-Water pump (for cooling)-Exhaust fan-Air pump for air assist (blows air on the area being engraved to prevent flare ups)-Honey comb table insert (used for engraving)-Knife edge table (used for cutting)-Laser Cut Software-Photograve Software (enables you to engrave photos)-Corel Draw-Corel Photo